Stihl Power Equipment

STIHL Power Equipment

at Intermountain West Powersports Morgan in Morgan, UT

As nice as having your yard is, it can be a real hassle to try and keep under control. If you don’t have the right tools to help you maintain your yard, then you’ll probably be less inclined to maintain it, because what could be a morning project turns into an all-day project. But no more! It’s time to upgrade your tools to STIHL power equipment. These machines will give you more power, less strain, and all at a great price. Here at Morgan Valley Polaris, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of these tools to you, our hardworking customers. We know that yard work can be a little backbreaking, even if you do enjoy it, so you’ll want to upgrade your collection of equipment as soon as possible by stopping by one of our locations in Morgan, Utah, or Mountainview or Rock Springs, Wyoming. We’ve got all the right tools for you, or you can simply have a friendly chat with one of our experienced staff about what you may need for a future project.

Image of Blowers


The leaves are going to keep falling as we head into the winter. Keeping them off the sidewalks and roads isn’t just about cleaning up your property. Wet leaves create slick surfaces for pedestrians and vehicles. But consider raking a thing of the past. Get a STIHL blower and cut your leaf management time in half. They’re easy to start, give you lots of power, and they’re comfortable to use.

Brush Cutters

Next, it’s time to get those overgrown weeds under control. Even some of your smaller tasks will require a little extra elbow grease, so make sure you’ve got a STIHL brushcutter or trimmer to help you tackle your next project. They come with consistent power through the entirety of the battery life and won’t give you increasingly disappointing performance as the battery drains. You’ll be able to take advantage of multiple angles for lots of versatility and a quiet motor with no emissions, so they’re safer and less annoying.

Image of Brush Cutters

Image of a Chainsaws


Chainsaws are the classic landscaping tool to help you clear large debris in a short amount of time. Throwing in that motor makes the job faster and won’t wear you out as quickly. When you invest in a STIHL chainsaw, you can bet you’re getting a powerful machine and total reliability. There’s a side access chain tensioner for easier chain adjustment and lots of safety features like the STIHL Quickstop Chain brake. You’ll be able to work comfortably and efficiently knowing that you’ve to a STIHL chainsaw on your side.

Hedge Clippers

Throw away your old scissor-style clippers. It’s time to upgrade so you can work faster and more easily. Not only that, but you’ll get clean cut lines the first time around. They’ve cut back on the extra bulk, which makes these trimmers lighter and less straining for you, which is also aided by the anti-vibration technology. They tackled extra tall and wide shrubs with ease and produce minimal exhaust emissions.

Image of Hedge Clippers